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Global Diabetes Research Network for South Asians (Global-DISHA)

What is Global-DISHA?

Global-DISHA is a non-profit network of professionals engaged in research/activities in area of Diabetes and Allied Diseases in South Asians.


To build a platform for exchange of ideas, information, research, publication and plan collaborative research for prevention and management of Diabetes and Allied Diseases in South Asian population globally.


To foster a stronge-network of professionals for achieving the goals stated as above in an integrated manner.


To stem the rising ‘epidemic’ of diabetes and allied disorders in South Asians through innovative basic and clinical research through collaboration and coordinated efforts.

Proposed Activities:

  1. Exchange of ideas, information, and published papers
  2. Collaborative research
  3. Discussion on innovative public health intervention approaches
  4. Providing inputs to policy makers based on evidence based research
  5. Collaborative review/research papers
  6. Fundraising for research

Phase I:

  1. Regular e-exchanges
  2. Creation of data bank of available research
  3. Discuss recent research, evolve new research ideas
  4. Plan research meetings
  5. Seek coordination/support with other organizations engaged in activities/research on South Asians (Website could be supported by several like-minded organisations).
  6. Website creation

Phase II:

  1. Conduct collaborative research
  2. Encourage and support young researchers


Convener : Prof. Anoop Misra