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Participatory Research Papers as shared by our associates:

S.No.TopicAuthor(s)PublicationResearch Document
1.Abdominal obesity and type 2 diabetes: dietary strategies including edible oils, cooking practices and sugar intakeS Gulati / A MisraEuropean Journal of Clinical NutritionLink
2.A profile of New Zealand ‘Asian’ participants of the 2008/09 Adult National Nutrition Survey: focus on dietary habits, nutrient intakes and health outcomesSherly M Parackal, Claire Smith and Winsome Ruth ParnellPublic Health Nutrition: 18(5), 893–904Link
3.Effect of oral cinnamon intervention on metabolic profile and body composition of Asian Indians with metabolic syndrome: a randomized double -blind control trialSonal Gupta Jain, Seema Puri, Anoop Misra, Seema Gulati and Kalaivani ManiBioMed Central / Gupta Jain et al. Lipids in Health and Disease (2017) 16:113Link
4.Dietary Transition in the South Asian diaspora: Implications for Diabetes Prevention StrategiesSherly ParackalDietary transition among South AsiansLink
5.Exploring reasons for ethnic disparities in diet-and lifestyle-related chronic disease for Asian sub-groups in New Zealand: a scoping exerciseSherly Parackal, Joanna Stewart & Elsie HoEthnicity & Health, Taylor & FrancisLink
6.Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease – A Presidential Advisory From the American Heart AssociationAHA PRESIDENTIAL ADVISORYLink
7.A Scientometric Assessment of Obesity Research Publications from IndiaResearchGateLink
8.Prevention of Diabetes: Countless Opportunities and Clear ChallengesAmerican Journal Lifestyle MedicineLink
9.Sugar Intake, Obesity, and Diabetes in IndiaSeema Gulati1,2 and Anoop MisraLink
10.A profile of New Zealand ‘Asian’ participants of the 2008/09 Adult National Nutrition Survey: focus on dietary habits, nutrient intakes and health outcomes [2014]Link
11.The post-trial analysis of the Indian SMS diabetes prevention study shows persistent beneficial effects of lifestyle interventionPUBMEDLink
12.Rising Costs of Drug/Insulin Treatment for Diabetes: A Perspective from IndiaDIABETES TECHNOLOGY & THERAPEUTICS
Volume 19, Number 12, 2017
13.Bimodal glucose distribution in Asian Indian pregnant women: Relevance in gestational diabetes mellitus diagnosis.Journal of Clinical and Translational Endocrinology 2018 Jun 19Link
14.Omega-3 fatty acids for the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.www.cochranelibrary.comLink
15.Dietary and physical activity recommendations to prevent type 2 diabetes
in South Asian adults: A systematic review
16.Prevalence of Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes and Associated Risk Factors among Tuberculosis Patients in India: V. ViswanathanLink
17.ACP Diabetes Guidelines Turn Back the Clock, Conflating Good HbA1c with HypoglycemiaLink
18.Body Fat, Metabolic Syndrome and Hyperglycemia in South AsiansLink
19.Clinical management of type 2 diabetes in south AsiaLink
20.Epidemiology and determinants of type 2 diabetes in south AsiaLink
21.Public health and health systems: implications for the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes in south AsiaLink
22.Discordance between HbA1c and glycemiaLink
23.High fasting C-peptide levels and insulin resistance in non-lean & non-obese (BMI >19 to < 25 kg/m2) Asian Indians with type 2 diabetes are independently associated with high intra-abdominal fat and liver spanLink
24.Disparities in Prevalence of Cardiometablic Risk Factors in Rural, Urban-Poor, and Urban- Middle Class Women in IndiaLink
25.Dietary and nutritional approaches for prevention and management of type 2 diabetesLink
26.Nutrition and diabetes in South AsiaLink
27.Lower vitamin D levels are associated with higher blood glucose levels in
Asian Indian women with pre-diabetes: a population-based cross-sectional
study in North India
28.The benefits of yoga practice compared to physical exercise in the management of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A systematic review and meta-analysisLink
29.Sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors in patients with type 2 diabetes in North India: A 12-month prospective study in real-world settingLink
30.A major review on “Diabetes in Developing Countries”Anoop Misra, Hema Gopalan, Ranil Jayawardena, Andrew P. Hills, Mario Soares, Alfredo A. Reza-Albarrán, Kaushik L. RamaiyaDiabetes in developing countriesLink
31.Obesity in South AsiansAnoop Misra, Ranil Jayawardena, Shajith AnoopObesity in South Asia: Phenotype, Morbidities, and MitigationLink
32.Impact of a cardiovascular risk control project for South Asians (Khush Dil) on motivation, behaviour, obesity, blood pressure and lipidsLink
33.Urbanized South Asians’ susceptibility to coronary heart disease: The high-heat food preparation hypothesisLink
34.Effect of heating/reheating of fats/oils, as used by Asian Indians, on trans fatty acid formationLink
35.Effect of Nut Consumption on Erectile and Sexual Function in Healthy Males: A Secondary Outcome Analysis of the FERTINUTS Randomized Controlled TrialLink
36.Healthcare overhaul must start at medical colleges-Article Prof Anoop Misra Hindustan TimesLink
37.How to treat Vitamin D deficiency in sun-drenched India – guidelinesLink
38.Review of current evidence and clinical recommendations on the effects of low-carbohydrate and very-low-carbohydrate (including ketogenic) diets for the management of body weight and other cardiometabolic risk factors: A scientific statement from the National Lipid Association Nutrition and Lifestyle Task Force.Link
39.A Moderate-Fat Diet with One Avocado per Day Increases Plasma Antioxidants and Decreases the Oxidation of Small, Dense LDL in Adults with Overweight and Obesity: A Randomized Controlled Trial.Link
40.Dietary cholesterol advisory from American Heart Association: Implications for India and other developing countriesAnoop MisraPubmed, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Clinical Research & ReviewsLink
41.Diabetes care at doorsteps”: A customised mobile van for the prevention, screening, detection and management of diabetes in the urban underprivileged populations of DelhiHema S.Gopalan, Anoop Misra, IntazamulHaque,
Shamshad Ahmad, AshokGaur
Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Clinical Research & ReviewsLink
42.The influence of polymorphisms of fat mass and obesity (FTO, rs9939609) and vitamin D receptor (VDR, BsmI, TaqI, ApaI, FokI) genes on weight loss by diet and exercise interventions in nondiabetic overweight/obese Asian Indians in North India.Seema Gulati, Rajneesh Tiwari, Meenu Sharma, Raviindra M Pandey and Ashish Datt UpadhyayDiabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Clinical Research & ReviewsLink
43.Vitamin D Supplementation in Overweight/obese Asian Indian Women with Prediabetes Reduces Glycemic Measures and Truncal Subcutaneous Fat: A 78 Weeks Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial (PREVENT-WINTrial)Surya Prakash Bhatt ,, Anoop Misra, Ravindra Mohan Pandey,,Ashish Datt Upadhyay, SeemaGulati, & Namrata SinghScientific reports, PubmedLink
44.Clinical considerations for patients with diabetes in times of COVID-19 epidemicRitesh Gupta , Amerta Ghosh , Awadhesh Kumar Singh , Anoop MisraDiabetes and Metabolic Syndrome-Clinical ResearchLink
45.The south sian health Foundation (UK) Guidelines for Managing Diabetes during RamadanW Hanif, V Patel, SN Ali,TA chowdury,A farooqi and K KuntiDiabetes Research and clinical practicesLink
46.Is ethnicity linked to incidence or outcomes of covid-19?Kamlesh Khunti, Awadhesh Kumar Singh and Wasim HanifThe BMJLink
47.Why are South Asians prone to type 2 diabetes? A hypothesis based on underexplored pathwaysK. M. Venkat Narayan & Alka M. KanayaDiabetologia (2020)Link
48.Managing People with Diabetes Fasting for Ramadan During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A South Asian Health Foundation UpdateS. Hanif ,SN. Ali,M. Hassanein,K. Khunti ,W. HanifDiabetic medicine, Diabetes UKLink
49.Co-morbidities in COVID-19: Outcomes in hypertensive cohort and controversies with renin angiotensin system blockersAwadhesh Kumar Singh, RiteshGupta, AnoopMisraPubmed, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Clinical Research & Reviews, Volume 14, Issue 4, July–August 2020, Pages 283-287Link
50.Doctors and healthcare workers at frontline of COVID 19 epidemic: Admiration, a pat on the back, and need for extreme cautionAnoop MisraPubmed, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Clinical Research & Reviews, Volume 14, Issue 4, July–August 2020, Pages 283-287Link
51.Contentious issues and evolving concepts in the clinical presentation and management of patients with COVID-19 infection with reference to use of therapeutic and other drugs used in Co-morbid diseases (Hypertension, diabetes etc)Ritesh Gupta , Anoop MisraPubmed, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Clinical Research & Reviews, Volume 14, Issue 4, July–August 2020, Pages 283-287Link
52.Clinical Considerations for Patients With Diabetes in Times of COVID-19 EpidemicRitesh Gupta , Amerta Ghosh , Awadhesh Kumar Singh , Anoop MisraPubMed, 2020 Mar 10Link
53.Metabolic Memory: Evolving ConceptsAnoop Misra , Zachary BloomgardenPubMed, 2020 Mar 10Link
54.COVID-19 in people living with diabetes: An international consensusA.E. Caballero, A. Ceriello, A. Misra,, P. Aschner, M.E. McDonnell, M. Hassanein, L. Ji,
J.C. Mbanya,, V.A. Fonseca
Journal of Diabetes and Its ComplicationsLink
55.Effects of nationwide lockdown during COVID-19 epidemic on lifestyle and other medical issues of patients with type 2 diabetes in north IndiaAnoop Misra, Ritesh Gupta, Amerita Ghosh, Bhaavya Arora, Shajith Anoop June 2020 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Clinical Research and Reviews 14(5Link
56.Impact of COVID-19 and comorbidities on health and economics: Focus on developing countries and IndiaAwadhesh Kumar Singh Anoop MisraDiabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Clinical Research and ReviewLink
57.Strict glycemic control is needed in times of COVID19 epidemic in India: A Call for action for all physiciansDiabetes India, National Diabetes Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation (NDOC), and Diabetes Expert Group, IndiaDiabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & ReviewsLink
58.Glycemic parameters in new-onset diabetes during COVID-19 pandemic are more severe than new-onset diabetes before the pandemic: NOD COVID India StudyViswanathan Mohan b, and team & Anoop Misra and teamDiabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews 15 (2021) 215e220Link

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