S.No. Topic Author(s) Publication Research Document
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4 Dietary Transition in the South Asian diaspora: Implications for Diabetes Prevention Strategies Sherly Parackal Dietary transition among South Asians Link
5 Exploring reasons for ethnic disparities in diet-and lifestyle-related chronic disease for Asian sub-groups in New Zealand: a scoping exercise Sherly Parackal, Joanna Stewart & Elsie Ho Ethnicity & Health, Taylor & Francis Link
6 Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease – A Presidential Advisory From the American Heart Association AHA PRESIDENTIAL ADVISORY Link
7 A Scientometric Assessment of Obesity Research Publications from India ResearchGate Link
8 Prevention of Diabetes: Countless Opportunities and Clear Challenges American Journal Lifestyle Medicine Link
9 Impact of a cardiovascular risk control project for South Asians (Khush Dil) on motivation, behaviour, obesity, blood pressure and lipids Link
10 Urbanized South Asians’ susceptibility to coronary heart disease: The high-heat food preparation hypothesis Link
11 Effect of heating/reheating of fats/oils, as used by Asian Indians, on trans fatty acid formation Link
12 Effect of Nut Consumption on Erectile and Sexual Function in Healthy Males: A Secondary Outcome Analysis of the FERTINUTS Randomized Controlled Trial. Link
13 Healthcare overhaul must start at medical colleges-Article Prof Anoop Misra Hindustan Times Link
14 How to treat Vitamin D deficiency in sun-drenched India – guidelines Link
15 Healthcare overhaul must start at medical colleges Link
16 Obesity in South Asia: Phenotype, Morbidities, and Mitigation Link
17 Effects of a lifestyle intervention programme after 1 year of follow-up among South Asians at high risk of type 2 diabetes: a cluster randomised controlled trial Link
18 Molnupiravir in COVID-19: A systematic review of literature Link
19 Screening for diabetes in India should be initiated at 25 years age Link
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